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Schedule and track your team’s time in one place for ultimate efficiency. Fine-tune your forecasting and boost billable hours with our refreshingly quick-to-complete timesheets.

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Refreshingly easy timesheets for busy teams

Timesheets don’t have to be terrible. With work allocations feeding in from your schedule, timesheets are quick to complete and no longer a chore that needs to be chased.

Resource Guru's resource timesheets being pulled in from a forecasted schedule

Log time quickly and confidently

With timesheets, half the battle is remembering what you worked on.

Pull in project work, calendar events, and time off straight from your schedule and abolish uncertainty. No more time wasted retracing your steps.

One week with one click

Accelerate your admin and log a whole week of work with just one click.

With Bulk Log you can review, refine, and log all your suggested time entries at once. Speed through timesheets, without sacrificing accuracy.

Resource Guru's simple timesheets with a list of team members and weekly total

Fuss-free and frictionless

Our quick and painless timesheets improve completion rates and reduce friction between teams and managers.

Logged time is updated live, so missing hours are always clear. Reviewers can edit resource timesheets whenever issues arise.

Resource Guru's easy timesheets comparing forecast and actual time for clients and projects

Analyze actuals and forecast accurately

Projects rarely go to plan. See where your team’s time is really spent with actuals split by project and client.

Compare forecast with actuals to improve resource scheduling and project forecasting.

Resource Guru's digital timesheets with a magnifying glass and a view of billable and non-billable hours

Maximize billable hours

Accurate timesheets shine a light on project profitability. Monitor and maximize billable hours to boost your bottom line.

Export timesheet data to dig deeper and invoice clients accurately. Your finance team will love you for it.

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Protect work-life balance with online timesheets

Digital timesheets reveal your team’s real working hours. See who’s logging overtime every week and who’s underutilised.

Use those insights to bring balance to team workloads, and find and fill resource gaps.

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