Resource management software for consultants

Give your consulting firm the edge with precise project planning and scheduling. Manage heavy workloads without overstretching your team and deliver five-star work that keeps clients coming back.

“We are able to track resource availability and skillsets… It gives us a lot of helpful information for planning ahead, rather than reacting to requests from customers.”

Thuat Bui – Chief Technical Officer, Swiss Post Solutions Vietnam

Gain full visibility across teams and projects

Unsure who’s working on what? Or if you have the capacity to take on a new project? Get a visual overview of workloads across projects and teams, so you can plan ahead and hit every deadline.

Keep projects on track

Keep complex projects on track

Consulting projects are complex and deliverables quickly stack up. Use real-time insights to take the guesswork out of project scheduling and keep delivering, even if priorities shift.

Match skills to projects

Pull together to impress clients

Clients crave insights and innovation. Search and sort your resource pool to match up your team’s expertise to project needs. Then pull together to exceed client expectations.

Analyze utilization and billable-hours

Balance the books

You work hard to boost your clients’ businesses – don’t forget your own. Track billable hours for every client and project, stay on top of utilization rates, and protect your profit margins.

Avoid resource overallocation

Avoid burnout and retain top talent

Consultants are often overworked. But burnout is bad for your team and bad for business. Use clash management to resolve overallocation issues and keep workloads realistic.

Manage an international team

Work across borders and time zones

Remote work and distributed teams are here to stay. Keep projects moving forward with daily schedule emails and personal dashboards that focus your team on the tasks at hand.

Stay in control with security and approvals

Stay in control

With big clients comes big risk. We keep your data safe and give you close control over teams and schedules through advanced permissions and booking approval systems.

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