Project scheduling software that’s rooted in reality

Create project plans based on your team's actual availability. With all the important details at your fingertips, you'll know exactly who's free to fly with new projects.

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Minimize project failure through accurate project scheduling software

Inadequate resource capacity planning is a major cause of project failure. Choose a project scheduling tool that accurately tracks utilization rates and prevents over-allocation.

Delightfully efficient project scheduling

A delightfully efficient experience for your team

Drag and drop combined with infinite scrolling in any direction makes project scheduling a breeze. A tool that's perfectly adapted for the job.

Project schedule

A single source of truth

Get an overview of all your project schedules and who’s working on what.

Powering thousands of project schedules around the world
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Built for change

We all know that clients change their mind, people underestimate how long things are going to take, things aren’t delivered on time, people get sick, mistakes get made and, ultimately, projects change. Resource Guru takes this all in its stride.

Monitor project health with reports

Find out which projects and clients are consuming the most time using the powerful reports. What percentage of time is spent on non-billable work? Are you over or under-servicing your clients?

Project scheduling collaboration

Coordinate calendars and collaborate online

Connect external calendars to get a single view of team availability, all in one place. Schedules are updated online, in real-time, making it effortless to collaborate with colleagues.

Centralized projects & clients

Centralized projects & clients

Manage project and client details in one convenient place.

Make time for priority projects with approvals

Lacking capacity for your highest priority projects? Approval Workflow gives you more control over the time of in-demand teammates. Reduce the risk of allocation issues holding you up.

Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews
Resource Guru has the perfect balance of simplicity and detail. It’s easy to see where issues might arise.
Stefania Sabbatini
Stefania Sabbatini
Resource Guru is simple to use. It allows us to optimize our resources and keep an eye on every project.
Martin Verdult
Martin Verdult
With the Guru software we get better insights into our daily resource planning. Great tool & easy to use.

Billable & non-billable work

Easily choose whether projects are billable or not and get valuable insights in the project forecasting reports.

Shine a light on capacity issues with the Waiting List

Sometimes the resources you need aren't available when you need them. Simply add your bookings to the Waiting List and resolve them at a later date. Whether you need to negotiate with colleagues or hire contractors, the Waiting List will always be there to remind you.

Clean and simple

These are not words applicable to most project scheduling software but they are some of our core values. You won’t find everything but the kitchen sink here.

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