Our mission is to help you master your team’s time

We believe time is the single most valuable commodity in life. So, we built our business around it.

We think people do their best work when they’re not rushed. And that over-allocation should be the exception, not the rule. Life is best when there’s a good balance between work and everything else.

Resource Guru is specifically designed to reduce excessive workloads, improve team morale, lower employee churn and help you do your best work.

A journey that began in London’s creative agencies

Percy and Andrew

After years of experiencing the pain of using resource scheduling spreadsheets, Percy and Andrew decided there had to be a better way. Months of research, design and prototyping ensued before Resource Guru was finally born in May 2012.

Our team of gurus

Team Photos

We’re a tight-knit team of passionate craftspeople working from six countries around the world. We’ve been a remote company from day one.

We don’t understand B2B or B2C - only Human2Human.

Some great organizations mastering their team’s time with Resource Guru
Powering teams in 100+ countries
Give teams superpowers so they can harness their resources, master their time and succeed.

A product-first company

Our primary focus is on the user experience and the value it brings to our customers. Almost nothing else matters.

Quality is key

Instead of rushing out half-baked features that come back to haunt everyone later, we’ve always focused on getting the details right. User-centred research and design ensure that we are building a premium product that is still great value.

Why a guru?

Because gurus are insightful and a little bit magical. What better kernel can you begin with when your ambition is to help teams do their best work in a happier, healthier way.

Backed by the best

Investors include LocalGlobe, Index Ventures and our very supportive friends and family.

We’re just getting started

Continuous enhancement is one of our mantras and we're bubbling over with new ideas. Our goal is to make customers more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable. Leading to smiles all round :)

Ecologi badges

We care about the future of our planet

Damage to global ecosystems can no longer be ignored. We do what we can to reduce our environmental impact by using carbon-neutral hosting and by funding climate projects as members of Ecologi.

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