Scheduling spreadsheets just met their silver bullet

Your resources are one of your most expensive and precious assets. Scheduling them can be complex, time consuming and costly. You need a simple yet powerful tool to help you get it right. Resource Guru is like a breath of fresh air!

Resource scheduling

Flexible bookings

Add bookings for a number of hours, eg 2h 30m, or for a specific time, eg 10am to 3pm. A feature you won't find in traditional calendars. You can also choose whether bookings are billable or not.

Resource booking form

Loves changes

Adding bookings is one thing but schedules constantly change. Just drag and drop to move bookings around or re-allocate them to other resources.

Drag and drop bookings between resources

Team visibility

See everyone's bookings on one elegant calendar. Projects, clients, details - it's all there. Zoom in and out for the detail you need. Our clever design means less scrolling around to get the full picture.

Resource scheduling calendar

Filter by "Skills", "Location" or anything you like

Use Resource Guru's powerful filters and custom fields to focus in on any group you like. You can filter by things like "Skill", "Department", "Location", "Permanent/Freelance" etc as well as by project or client.

Filter resources

Maximizing utilization

The unique "availability bar" shows you how much free time resources have. At a glance, you can see who's free and when. A great tool to help maximize billable hours and avoid unneccesary use of freelancers.

Resource utilization

Advanced clash management

With availability settings for each resource, over-bookings become a thing of the past. Clashes are automatically prevented. Bookings can be added to our unique waiting list and used for capacity planning later, leaving you to get on with your busy day.

Resource clash management

Not just people

Need to schedule meeting rooms or equipment? No problem! Use Resource Guru to schedule anything you like.

Resource types


With individual logins, Project Managers can make bookings simultaneously with no chance of stepping on each others toes. It's one resource pool, one calendar and zero pain.


Time zone support

Scheduling people in different time zones can be a really confusing. Resource Guru keeps track of everyone's time zone, helping to avoid scheduling mistakes.

Time zone support

Assign colors

By assigning colors, you can highlight specific projects, clients or bookers on the calendar. For example, selecting "color by client" allows you to scan the bookings and pick out specific clients in an instant.

Assign colors


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