Manage all your resources in one convenient place - the cloud

Resource management

A single resource pool

Share resources with your whole team ... instantly. And book them on one coordinated calendar. Photos make it nice and easy to identify people too.

Resource pool

Categorize resources any way you like

Need to focus on freelance designers with Photoshop skills in New York? Or programmers with HTML and CSS skills in the technical department? Not a problem. You can create custom fields that empower you to categorize your resources any way you like. Whether it's "Skills", "Location", "Department" or "Permanent/Freelance", Resource Guru’s custom fields have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Custom fields

Add any type of resource

Use Resource Guru to manage people, meeting rooms, vehicles or any other type of resource.

Resource types

Individual availability

You can specify individual availability times for each resource. Let's say you have a resource that's not available on Wednesday afternoons - no problem. Resource Guru will make sure that bookings can't be made outside the available hours. Unrealistic or unachievable resource bookings are now a thing of the past.

Resource availability

Powerful permissions

Only want certain people to be able to make bookings? No problem. You can set this and other permissions for each of your resources to ensure that the right people have access to the right things.

Resource permissions


Have freelancers that you only use once in a while? No problem - you can move resources in and out of the archive without losing their details.

Resource archiving

Up to date, all the time

People can keep their own details up to date so less time is spent managing things like company phone lists.

Resource Guru ID

Who's invited?

Don't want to give login accounts to everyone? No problem - only invite the people you want. Resource Guru works best when everyone is invited, but it's completely up to you.

Invite resources

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