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Powerful reports deliver new insights into your business

Use reports to monitor utilization of your team and help with capacity planning. Vacation tracking enables you to quickly see how much staff leave has been taken and by whom. With Resource Guru's reports, enlightenment is just a click away.

Resource utilization reports
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Utilization and capacity planning

Need to know how much capacity you have over the next month? Which resources are under or over-utilized? You can easily check the utilization rate for all your resources or focus on specific individuals.

Resource utilization
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Analyze projects and clients

Find out which projects and clients are consuming the most time. What percentage of time is spent on non-billable work? Are you over or under-servicing your clients?

Client report
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Be better prepared

Use the unique "waiting list" feature to identify resources where demand outstrips capacity. With this enhanced visibility, you can take corrective action in advance by hiring freelancers or adjusting project schedules etc.

Resource waiting list
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Focus on individual resources

Drilling down to focus on individual resources is easy. Get a complete overview of their hours along with the projects and clients they are booked on.

Resource utilization report
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Filter down to custom groups

Need a report that focuses on part time staff? Or one that only covers the team in London? It's easy to get the numbers you need by using Resource Guru's custom fields and filters.

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