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Your employees are your most important asset. It’s time to make sure you’re getting the most from their precious time. Who’s doing what, where and when? Resource management software has never been this user-friendly.

Lightning fast scheduling!

Drag it, drop it, book - unbook it. View it, change it, trash it, zoom it. This is resource scheduling software for high-speed teams that don’t want to slow down when things scale up.

Successful projects and happy clients

Put an end to one of the biggest reasons for project failure - over-allocated resources. Keep workloads under control with the unique waiting list.

Daily resource schedule email

A huge time saver

Daily schedule emails and personal dashboards keep everyone up-to-date with their work. Manual updates and stale schedule emails are a thing of the past.

Hear what customers have to say

Time off planning

Don’t let vacations catch you by surprise again. Use the leave management features to track vacations, sick days, parental leave or any other type of absence.

Gain new insights and increase profits

Monitor resource utilization rates and other key metrics like billable vs. non-billable time, overtime and time off.

A single resource pool

Whether you're scheduling people, equipment or meeting rooms - keep track of them all in one resource allocation tool.

Clean and simple is our mantra

Customers love the simplicity of our software. We focus on reducing complexity while increasing usefulness.

The path to stress-free projects starts here. It's time to say goodbye to missed deadlines, burnt up budgets and burnt out people. And hello to happy clients.
Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews
Resource Guru has the perfect balance of simplicity and detail. It’s easy to see where issues might arise.
Stefania Sabbatini
Stefania Sabbatini
Resource Guru is simple to use. It allows us to optimize our resources and keep an eye on every project.
Martin Verdult
Martin Verdult
With the Guru software we get better insights into our daily resource planning. Great tool & easy to use.

Happier, more engaged teams

Productive teams are happy teams. If your most valuable asset is stressed out, they’ll walk out. Resource Guru ensures over allocation is finally over. Helping you to achieve a state of pure, radiant bliss at work. Om-azing.

The guru's friends

Integrate with all your other tools and get everything working in harmony.

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