7 scarily good features PMs can’t live without

7 scarily good features PMs can't live without

Every freakishly efficient project manager has a few special tricks up their sleeves. Naturally, we’re talking about the tools that will prevent even the doomed projects from seeing an early grave.

So if you don’t want to be haunted by ghastly things (such as scope creep) across the project life cycle, keep reading or face every PMs greatest fear–a failed project.

1. A schedule view that’s ready to tackle any danger that comes its way

Our schedule view helps project managers, resource managers, and agency traffic managers alike stay on top of availability and resource allocation without breaking a sweat. Every time you can feel darkness closing in, our schedule view will enlighten you. ✨

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2. A personalized Dashboard that keeps fear at bay

An overview of the personalized dashboard in Resource Guru

Start your day in your personalized dashboard to avoid the scaries. 

You can’t afford to have your project teams wandering in the dark, lost, scared, not knowing what their day actually looks like. Luckily, our Dashboard gives team members a clear picture of what they’re booked on each day, anything they’ve booked for others, and any action items. In short, it’s their personal crystal ball. đź”®

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3. Time off that won’t haunt your projects 

Even during the Halloween frenzy, employees need time off to enjoy the festivities. Leave management helps project managers keep track of time-off requests, ensuring that the team is fully staffed for all the haunted happenings.

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4. A booking Approval Workflow that kills chaos

Request booking approval directly in the schedule

Requesting approval for a booking in Resource Guru is dead easy.

It’s a PM’s worst nightmare to discover that everyone’s been booked up, leaving their project without talent. This is where the wizardry of our Approval Workflow comes into play. It lets you assign approvers for anyone on your team, making sure that no project suffers a terrible fate and putting an end to scheduling chaos.

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5. Email notifications that prevent project perils

email notifications new booking

Stay on top of beastly bookings in your inbox.

Missing a deadline is a scary thing. But with our email notifications you’ll stay on top of any booking changes, keeping you and your team up-to-date on upcoming work, time off, and important changes to your schedule. 

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6. Calendar integrations that are appropriately creepy

google calendar integration with Resource Guru

Keep track of external calendar events in Resource Guru.

No one wants to maintain multiple calendars. But with Resource Guru, you don’t have to. Sync your calendar to Resource Guru and have all events show up in the schedule view, and vice versa. After all, everyone’s calendars need to include every important event, appointment, and meeting to make project scheduling truly effective. 

Learn more about our Google Calendar integration and Outlook Calendar integration

7. Reporting that helps you rest in peace

Whether you’re wondering about resource utilization, sick days, or other down time, Resource Guru’s reports offer you peace of mind. Overallocation won’t seem so ominous when you’re ahead of it! 

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The treat every project manager deserves 

Watch your resource management processes transform from a house of horrors into wickedly wonderful weapons of precision.

With features like flexible scheduling, seamless calendar integrations, and custom fields, Resource Guru is the treat every project manager deserves.