A big willkommen to Michelle, our new Customer Success Guru!

michelle Florin

We’re really excited to introduce you to Michelle, the newest member of our Customer Success crew! Michelle is not only a super experienced support guru, she’s also a fully fledged yoga master, flexing us into poses that Stretch Armstrong would be proud of. We rolled out our yoga mat and assumed our best Padmasana to learn everything there is to know about this helpful yogi…

1. So, where in the world is your yoga mat right now?

Physically I’m either on the mat in Cologne, Germany or in Gothenburg, Sweden. But in my head I’m usually on a jetty by a crystal clear lake in Vancouver, listening to the birds and silence.

2. When you’re not giving a rubber band a run for its money, or helping our amazing customers reach scheduling nirvana, what do you like getting up to?

I’m either doing too much or nothing at all! I can usually be found trying to save my tomatoes and herbs from dying in the garden, experimenting with healthy recipes, hanging in the air doing silk acrobatics, or just hanging in the hammock whilst I research new cheats for Sims 4 (yep, I’m a Sims nerd). I’m also lucky enough to teach Yoga once a week and spend time with my family, friends and partner in crime.

3. You joined our team at the start of a global pandemic – what kind of music or books have been keeping you sane during lockdown?

I haven’t spent one day during the pandemic without listening to some Funk, Soul, Folk or Indie, but during the lockdown I’ve needed some trashy ’90s and ’00s tunes to sing along with and dance it all out. Other than that I’m a huge fan of German Podcasts – Gemischtes Hack has entertained me during lockdown, and I loved the audiobook “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman. Audiobooks are great! You can do the laundry, cook or take a walk in the woods with a good book on your ears – as long as you’re capable of multitasking 😉

4. If you could recommend just one yoga position to keep us nimble at our desks, what would it be?

Phew – well that always depends on the person’s state of mind, but a classy and attentive downward dog can often be the answer to a lot of people’s pain. For others it might just be enough to stretch up, close your eyes and take a deep breath to wake up your body and shake off that desk-bound rigidity.