Updates to the API and Terms of Use

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Updates to the API and Terms of Use

These past two weeks we’ve been wrapping up work on a feature that we think will make managing projects a lot easier. We’re writing up an announcement and will be deploying it very soon, but Andrew nixed my idea of hiring skywriters in major cities to celebrate the release. Such a party pooper.

In the meantime, we’ve kept busy with maintaining and improving the existing product, so here’s a summary of work we’ve deployed since our last update:

  • 🤓 Tighter bookkeeping! We’ve added an updated_by field to the API responses for resources, projects, clients and bookings to identify which user made the latest change.
  • 🤦 Confused when reports contain resources with the same name and unable to make sense of them in the downloaded reports? Fear not! For we have added IDs for you to be able to tell them apart.
  • 🎀 We made product update announcements a bit prettier, spiffier and more obvious. Stay tuned for future updates in the header!
  • 📑 We’ve tweaked our Terms of Use to clarify our policy on user-generated content and acceptable usage.
  • 🕵 A very nice chap politely pointed out a possible XSS vulnerability, and we’ve applied a fix for it. Such a nice fellow.

Photo by John Barkiple on Unsplash