Reports restructuring, API improvements, filtering fixes, and more

product updates

Reports restructuring, API improvements, filtering fixes, and more

After a number of weeks of silence as far as in-depth product updates go, we are delighted to come back as strong as ever and let you know what we’ve been working on during the month of September.

Let’s get straight into the action and see a play-by-play of what’s new:

  • 💁🏻‍♀️We have fixed a rare issue with unarchiving some resources that was affecting a small number of accounts.
  • 📈 We’ve performed some internal restructuring on Reports to ensure that accounts with a large number of resources get the speed and efficiency they need.
  • 🎨 Our API now only accepts valid color definitions when creating or updating resources.
  • 📆 We have optimized the iCalendar feed to be a lot more efficient for customers who import their Resource Guru events into an external calendar.
  • 👁 Some customers were having an issue with updating Normal Availability. This issue has been zapped.
  • 🛠 A filtering issue that caused some resources to not be shown when filtering by an assigned project has been fixed.
  • 📧 We have tweaked the validation error that shows when attempting to create bookings on a non-working day that has a downtime/time off assigned to it.
  • 🏖 Attempting to create a booking on a day with two or more downtime/time off events already in place would end up in a failed operation. This has been fixed.
  • 📝 Some internal dependencies and frameworks have been updated to their latest versions

As always, we are continuing to take customer feedback on board and improving the platform wherever possible. We’re also working tirelessly behind-the-scenes putting some exciting new features in place. Watch this space!

Photo by Julia Peretiatko on Unsplash