Business as usual for our remote-first company

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Business as usual for our remote-first company

When we decided to become a remote-first company back in 2009, I never thought for a second that a global pandemic would one day solidify our choice as being a good one. But, as more and more companies ask their employees to work from home due to coronavirus, I am grateful that it’s business as usual for us.

Of course, we have the usual concerns for our employees but, as 100% remote workers, they have a much lower chance of being exposed to the virus during the peak. And, therefore most importantly, a lower chance of passing it on to an elderly person.

What’s important for our customers is that the impact on our daily work life is close to zero. We are simply continuing our work to build the world’s best resource scheduling software while supporting our fantastic customers in 88 countries around the world at the same time.

A massive economic crisis is unfolding in front of us and we sympathise with customers and anyone else who’s lives, families and careers are affected by these events. I would just like to reassure customers that there will be no disruption to the service and availability of Resource Guru and that we are as fully committed, as ever, to supporting you throughout this difficult period.

We are experts in remote working and I would be personally very happy to provide advice or tips on managing a remote workforce to anyone who needs it. So, please feel free to get in touch. Take care of yourselves and especially look out for any elderly people in your lives.

Photo by Einar H. Reynis on Unsplash