More clarity with project codes

More clarity with project codes

Some of you call them job numbers and others project codes. Whatever you call them, they’ve just arrived in Resource Guru to make your life a whole lot easier. One of our engineers suggested we announce the feature with some aerial skywriting – so there it is Klemen! ;)

Now, when you look at your projects, codes will help you quickly identify the correct project, even when they share the same name.

different project codes with same name

Resource Guru generates codes for you automatically but you can also enter codes generated by other software to easily identify them across systems. Of course, the codes now appear throughout the app including the schedule, reports and downloads to give everyone greater clarity. Here’s what they look like in the Excel downloads.

project code downloads

Share codes across projects

You can use the same project code across multiple projects if you need to. This can be especially useful if you need to generate a report for time booked on multiple projects associated with a single code. To do this, just use the Project/Client filter in Reports and search using the code.

multiple jobs with same project code

If you want help using project codes, please consult our Help Centre or just get in touch—we’re always happy to help.