Filtering Dashboard events, tracking approval changes, and more

product update february 2024

Somehow we’re already one month into 2024. How are those resolutions holding up? This year, we made the same resolution we always do – to commit ourselves to continually improving Resource Guru so your next 12 months are characterised by scheduling serenity.

We’ve already kicked things off this year with the release of the Activity Log, which reveals the change history of any booking in either the Schedule or our all-new Dashboard.

Recently released

dashboard external calendar filter

  • Filter external calendar events in the Dashboard. With your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar connected, external events are synced to Resource Guru, giving you a clear view of all your commitments.To give you more flexibility and focus in the Dashboard, we’ve added a filter that allows you to toggle these external calendar events on and off as you please. Don’t forget you can filter external calendar events in the Schedule too.

tracking approvals using the activity log

  • Track approval changes in the Activity Log. Our Activity Log allows you to track the most important changes to bookings, but it doesn’t give details of every type of change.We’re gradually expanding the types of activity it shows you and now you can track the details of any approval changes. You’ll be able to see when a booking that requires approval, (through our Approval Workflow), is approved or rejected.For extra clarity on older events, we’ve also added a message that explains when and why activity history is unavailable – this applies to any events created before 22 March 2022.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Elsewhere, we’ve been scouring every surface to uncover and abolish bugs and make your resource scheduling experience as pain-free as possible.


  • We spotted an issue with multi-resource bookings, where if a booker added themselves to a multi-day or repeat booking, but was then unavailable for one of the days, the booking didn’t appear under “Bookings you’ve made for others” on their Dashboard. That’s now fixed.
  • We tidied up how Waiting List bookings appear to remove any confusion over who doesn’t have availability for a booking. Now, you’ll only see bookings on the Waiting List in your Dashboard when they directly impact you – either it’s on your Waiting List, or you’ve created the booking and others have it on their Waiting List. It’s complicated, but take our word for it, it makes more sense now!
  • One for Approval Workflow users – a bug crept in that caused the Dashboard to crash when you tried to resolve pending booking approvals if the original booker had been deleted. This was happening in the Schedule too, but is no longer an issue.
  • We discovered that clicking on “View in Schedule” on a multi-day booking in the Dashboard would take you to the first day of that booking in the Schedule, regardless of which date you originally clicked. That’s no longer the case.
  • We fixed some minor inconsistencies with the date you land on in the Dashboard when you load it from a bookmarked link or when you click on “Today” by the date picker after changing your computer’s system time.


  • Some of our customers label their equipment with a mixture of numbers and decimals (e.g. 1.2. Printer), but our security settings were translating the “.” to “(dot)”. We’ve tweaked that so you can use decimals in people and resource names without issue.
  • We’ve removed a bug that was making it possible to remove required custom field information despite an error message appearing.


  • We cleaned up our page URLs across the Schedule and Dashboard so they’re shorter, simpler, and easier to comprehend.
  • You can convert a duration booking to a specific time booking at any time, but when doing so, and then trying to revert it back again, we found a bug that blocked the way. You can now switch between booking types with ease.
  • We were showing the wrong error message to users who don’t have permission to delete other people’s bookings when they tried to add clashing time off. This has been reworded and clarified.

Other bug fixes

  • We’re always beavering away keeping our API up-to-date and bug free. Recently this has included tidying up booking create and split endpoints and external calendar data. We’ve also addressed errors caused by archived and deleted resources in accounts with Approval Workflow enabled.
  • We removed a bug that was making it tricky to scroll lists in the Schedule and Projects & Clients sections when using Firefox and navigating using your keyboard.
  • An issue that was causing errors when adding new options to custom fields in Settings has been banished.

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