Scheduling your team just got faster!

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You asked us to speed up the bookings section, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. The Resource Guru calendar can get pretty big once you have lots of resources and bookings. This means there can be quite a lot of data to chuck around. So, improving performance was no simple task – we had to start from scratch and completely re-engineer the way the bookings section works.

We decided to use Backbone.js to create a more responsive calendar. Believe me, this was challenging stuff. The Resource Guru calendar works like no other. It’s completely different to a traditional calendar like Outlook or iCal. Those traditional calendars are much more straightforward to develop. The Resource Guru calendar, on the other hand, generally displays much more data and has more complex bookings to display.

BBHAlex Matthews

“Resource Guru has the perfect balance of simplicity and detail. It’s easy to see where issues might arise.”

Alex Matthews
Head of Creative Technology

When we first launched Resource Guru around a year ago, JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js were still in their infancy. It’s only fairly recently that some of them have matured into tools that can be used to create prime time user experiences. Our engineers have managed to utilize Backbone’s abilities to create a much faster, more responsive experience. Now, once the calendar is loaded, adding and editing bookings happens without any page refreshes at all so changes can be made in a flash. Scheduling your team should now be quicker than ever!