Enhanced date navigation in the Schedule

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Enhanced date navigation in the Schedule


Towards the end of 2019 I was in our Resource Guru account and I wanted to see what the schedule looked like for January 2020. So, I clicked the following link, expecting to be taken to January 2020.

Usability issue

Trouble was, I ended up going backwards to January 2019. At this point I realized we had a usability issue that needed fixing.

I’ve always liked the single-click access to months but there seemed to be no neat way of keeping it and eliminating the usability issue at the same time. So, I decided the best way forward was to add a month picker along with some Next and Previous buttons.

Fixed usability issue

This also gave us an opportunity to do one of our other favourite things and declutter the UI. Problem solved and a cleaner look thrown in!

I do realise we’ve added another click to the month navigation but an alternative way to navigate the timeline is to just scroll. With fast, infinite scrolling, it’s easier than ever to zip around the Schedule. Here’s another tip – you can right-click and drag to fine tune your position.

We’re continuing our mission to create the best team scheduling tool on the planet and will always be on the lookout for other ways we can improve usability and enhance the design. So, I hope we can be forgiven for that extra click. As usual, please feel free to send us feedback or leave a comment below.

Photo by David Beneš on Unsplash