Why we’re dropping support for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) has been the source of many moans and groans within our development team over the last few years. Like a lot of software teams, we’ve been itching to stop supporting it for ages. IE is actually legacy code that has now been replaced by Edge. Microsoft isn’t updating it with new web standards which makes it harder and harder to support if you are developing modern software (although IE11 is still generally supported by Microsoft for now).

We’ve always been reluctant to drop it because there’s a very small minority of customers who are still using it. And we’ve never really known why that is. Or whether they could use a modern browser instead. But that has just changed thanks to a recent survey we did. We’ve discovered that many people are just using it out of habit and could easily use an alternative like Edge or Chrome.

Chart - Could you use an alternative browser like Edge, Chrome or Safari instead?

We discovered that about 90% of IE users could use an alternative browser and only 1 person said “no”. So, like numerous software products have done in the past (Zendesk, Slack. Atlassian), we will be dropping support for IE on 22 Feb 2021. This means that it will not be possible to access Resource Guru using Internet Explorer from then onwards.

Resource Guru will continue to work with any modern browser including Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox so we recommend switching to one of those for the best possible experience. Onwards and upwards!

If you have any comments or concerns about this, please feel free to get in touch.