Construction timesheet template: Free and printable

Construction timesheet template

In the fast-moving world of the construction industry, precise time tracking using construction timesheet templates or software is essential for success. A Cornerstone study found that delays in construction projects can cost companies up to 20% over the original budget. Over 40% of respondents stated unrealistic scheduling, as well as trouble with resource availability, were causes of delays.

A good construction timesheets template can help avoid these problems by providing accurate data on actual time spent on previous construction projects, which can then be used to inform future project scheduling. Not to mention helping to facilitate project costing, as well as keeping morale high with accurate and on-time payroll.

Our forecasting tool creates auto-suggested hours for your timesheets, so it’s quicker for you and your team to fill in and complete. With Resource Guru there’s no need to trace your steps to remember what you did.

If you’re looking for a template alternative, remove the chore of timesheets from your construction site and complete your timesheets in seconds with Resource Guru today.

Download your free construction timesheets template

Explore our collection of completely free construction timesheet templates below.

Weekly construction timesheet template

Construction daily timesheet template

What to expect from your construction timesheet template

You can choose from different:

  • Timeframes—like daily and weekly—to suit your needs
  • Formats like Google Sheets, Excel, or PDF for convenience

All of our construction timesheet templates can be used electronically, to make use of features like automatic pay calculation.

Or, if you prefer, they can be printed out and filled in by hand on-site.

Our templates also include features like: 

  • Detailed in-document instructions for ease of use (you can find these on the first tab)
  • Sample templates for reference
  • Blank templates to input your own data
  • Space to input employee and manager names, along with signatures 
  • Cells to record any breaks, vacation, or sick time taken
  • Options to include different rates of pay
  • You can also add the name of the construction site you and your team are working on

Your construction timesheet template download instructions

Ready to get started? Follow our easy download instructions.

If you’re downloading your construction timesheet template in Google Sheets:

  • Click on the Google Sheets link
  • Open the Google Sheet and select “File,” then “Make a Copy”
  • Clearly name your file and save it in a suitable location
  • Follow the instructions provided within the document, on the first tab
A purple and white weekly construction timesheet template grid in google sheets.

Preview of the weekly construction timesheet template.

If you’re downloading your construction timesheet template Excel:

  • Click on the Excel link
  • The file will download automatically
  • Navigate to your “Files,” click “Download,” then select “Construction timesheet template Excel”
  • Follow the in-document instructions located on the first tab
An Excel document for a weekly construction timesheet template that features a grid design in purple and white.

Preview of the weekly construction timesheet template in Excel.

Resource Guru for construction resource management

Staying on top of construction projects is tricky, but Resource Guru’s construction resource management software is combined with timesheets, to help you stay ahead of the game. Coordinate the different members of your team, as well as the physical resources they need, all in one place. 

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Construction timesheet template FAQs

We’re unraveling the mysteries of construction timesheets templates, one FAQ at a time.

What is a construction timesheet template?

A construction timesheet template is a tool for recording the hours worked by both employees and contractors in a construction role. It’s usually a spreadsheet or table, designed so people can record what time they started and finished. There should also be a way to record any breaks, vacation, or sick time they took, as well as what rate of pay they are on. 

A timesheet template for construction, whether implemented at a company-wide level or tailored for specific projects, plays a vital role in capturing essential timekeeping data necessary for effective project and resource management.

Why do you need a timesheet in construction?

There are lots of reasons why the construction industry needs timesheets.

One reason may be regulatory. For example, in New York, the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA) has specific requirements for record-keeping. Employers must document things like:

  • Time and day of the week when an employee’s work week begins
  • Hours worked each day
  • Total hours worked each work week
  • Regular hourly pay rate
  • Total overtime earnings for the work week
  • Total wages paid each pay period

Here, employers may use any timekeeping method as long as it’s complete and accurate. But one way to record all this information is by using timesheets.

In another legal context, construction timesheets are often important for compliance and play a crucial role in workers’ compensation claims and investigations. 

Pro tip

It’s always important to check specific laws and regulations for time tracking, for your location and industry.

It’s not only legal reasons why you might need a timesheet template for construction.

In a 2018 study by QuickBooks, 44% of business owners shared that they struggle with time tracking errors and time theft. These errors highlight the need for efficient time tracking systems, like construction crew timesheet templates.

Timesheets are also important to help ensure accurate payroll, and maintain clear transparent communications between employees and employers working in construction.

What is a construction timesheet template used for?

A construction timesheet template is used to record, manage, and predict work hours on construction sites. 

Completed timesheets can give construction companies a clearer overview of resource management, any overtime worked, and a detailed breakdown of worked hours. 

Timesheets are also used to simplify payroll calculations by accurately tracking hours worked on specific projects, ensuring fair and timely compensation. Often construction sites will have a blend of long-term freelance contractors, workers who are directly employed by the construction company, and temporary support. In all these cases, they will need to accurately track and invoice for their time. 

Who uses construction timesheet templates?

Construction timesheet templates are utilized by various stakeholders within the construction industry, including:

  • Contractors
  • Project managers
  • Construction workers
  • Subcontractors
  • Site supervisors

Construction timesheets may also be used by administrative staff, accounting departments, and other personnel involved in project monitoring and control, to make sure a project stays on budget and to forecast resources for the next phase of construction. 

Get the full picture of your construction project

For construction professionals, utilizing tools like construction timesheet templates can significantly streamline time tracking processes and help deliver projects on time. 

But amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy work week, it can be challenging for construction employees to remember all the necessary details to include on these templates.

That’s where Resource Guru can help. We can give you both your resource schedule of employees, tools, and equipment, plus your timesheets all in one place. This makes it easier than ever for employees to fill in timesheets quickly and accurately.

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