Agency timesheet template: Free to use and download

Agency timesheets template

In the fast-paced world of agency work, every minute counts. That’s why having a standardized, easy-to-use agency timesheet template is a necessity, not a luxury.

Imagine pouring your team’s heart and soul into a stunning piece of work, only to realize you could have increased utilization rate (and billable time), if you’d used a specialist agency timesheet template to track billable hours consistently.

Whether you’re part of a creative, marketing, ad, or any other kind of agency, a high-quality agency timesheet template helps you visualize where your team is spending their time. It can be a great tool to add to your stack of other agency tools, and set yourself up for success.

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Download your
agency timesheet template

Available formats (click to download): 

Download instructions: 

If downloading your template in Google Sheets:

A colourful grid demonstrating the agency timesheet template with labeled fields for project details, dates, and hours, and a pie chart breaking down where the most time has been spent.

  • Go to the template in Google Sheets
  • Once the Google Sheet is open, click “file” and choose “make a copy”
  • Name your file clearly and save it in an appropriate place
  • Follow the in-document instructions

If downloading your template in Excel:

Vibrant grid showcasing an agency timesheet template, with specific sections for particular projects, times, and hourly breakdowns. Accompanied by a chart visualising time distribution among various activities

  • Download the Excel file 
  • The file will download automatically
  • Head to your “Files,” click “Download,” then choose “Agency timesheet template Excel”
  • Follow the in-document instructions

Our agency timesheet templates:

  • Are completely free to download
  • Have different tabs with daily and weekly timeframes
  • Are available in a variety of formats both Google Sheets and Excel
  • Are suitable for a range of agency types (including general agencies and advertising agencies)
  • Include a tab with more detailed instructions for using the template 
  • Have tabs with both sample data for a reference point, and a blank template for you to add in your own data

Within each template, there are specific fields to input both employee and manager names and signatures, to keep your agency process for approvals smooth. There’s also the option to personalize client names, input unique client rates, as well as space to visualize the split between billable and non-billable hours

If you work with specific timesheet codes for different clients, projects, and tasks

You might want to look into dedicated resource planning and timesheet software. Resource Guru allows you to have unique codes for both clients and projects, and get the full picture of what’s going on in your agency.

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Advertising agency timesheet template

If you’re looking for an advertising agency timesheet template specifically, our agency templates above will work well for you and your team.

Simply download the template in your chosen format,  and personalize it with your ad agency-specific project descriptions. This might look like: 

  • Writing digital ad copy
  • Strategizing for an OOH campaign
  • Creating a script for a television commercial

Ad agency teams are famous for juggling a lot at once, and for following detailed advertising agency workflows across different projects. So, you may also want to agree on overarching project or campaign names to input into your template, such as “Fall menswear campaign.

To track these overarching projects or campaigns within an advertising agency timesheet template, you can add a new column for “Project”. You can then edit the current “Project description” to “Task description” so it’s easier to describe things more granularly.

Agency timesheet templates FAQs

Have more questions about agency timesheet templates? We’ve got you covered.

What is an agency timesheet template?

An agency timesheet template is a structured document designed for agencies to track and record the time spent by employees from creatives to account managerson various tasks, projects, and clients.

It typically includes fields for entering details such as client names, project descriptions, and time durations, as well as tracking the time spent on non-billable tasks like internal meetings and processes.

Resource Guru’s agency timesheet template has all of these features. It also helps you visualize an employee’s utilization rate, and keep track of different rates for different clients.

What is an agency timesheet template used for?

An agency timesheet template is used to keep track of how many hours each employee has spent on each project and client. A great agency timesheet template can also help you:

Why are agency timesheet templates needed?

Agency growth advisor Andy West summarizes  why timesheets matter, revealing that ultimately the client has “bought advice based on a unit of time – hours – and [you as an agency] have priced those hours based on value, experience, and impact.”

So in its simplest form, using an agency timesheet template is helping you to keep track of the value of your expertise.

Who uses agency timesheet templates?

The users of agency timesheet templates are split between input users who fill in and review individual timesheets, and output users who review timesheets at scale to make strategic business decisions. 

Input users tend to be anyone who’s spending time on client projects. This might be creatives, marketing specialists, freelancers, account executives, project managers, and more. 

Everyone will submit their hours to document their work and client interactions. Project managers can then use this data in their project management process.

Output users include partners, operations, and finance teams within the agency.  These groups may review timesheets at a higher level, to monitor budget allocation and company spending. Operations teams might also analyze timesheet data to optimize SOPs, ensuring that the most time is dedicated to billable client work and high-priority projects.

Further reading: To learn more about the different kinds of core and specialist teams within different agencies, read our blog on agency team structure.

Why does Resource Guru excel for agencies who need time tracking?

Resource Guru is the #1 agency scheduling tool that comes with effortlessly accurate timesheets, and a comprehensive forecasting tool tailored to agency life. We seamlessly integrate project and resource planning with time reporting—allowing bookings from your schedule to automatically appear in your timesheet for you to review, edit, and approve in just a couple of clicks.

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Pros and cons of
agency timesheet templates

Agency timesheet templates can be a great starting point to achieve more consistent and effective time tracking, but they require careful customization and ongoing maintenance to truly align with the specific needs and workflows of the agency.

Let’s take a look at whether you need to move beyond templates. 👇


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Tools like agency timesheet templates can be a great place to start streamlining your time tracking and maximizing your billable hours. But remembering exactly what to put on those templates can be tricky for agency employees at the end of a busy work week.

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