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The time tracking industry is, ironically, out of date. According to QuickBooks, 38% of businesses in the US that track time use manual systems like paper timesheets and punch cards.

The problem? These methods take up time and are more prone to human error, causing issues in payroll and timesheet data. And, that can lead to much bigger problems down the line.

The first step toward a solution? Basic weekly timesheet templates you can fill in online.

These can help you to automate workflows, reduce the likelihood of human errors, and save time collecting time tracking data. 

Download yours here. 👇

Available formats and quick downloads

Free weekly timesheet templates: What you need to know 

  • These simple weekly timesheet templates help individual employees track their weekly hours, with a focus on accuracy and payroll
  • They come in a variety of formats including Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF
  • You’ll find easy-to-follow instructions within the template
  • They also come with a sample weekly timesheet template, which you can use as a reference point
  • Our Google Sheets and Excel templates have formulas that automatically calculate the total amount of hours spent on vacation or sick leave each week. They also calculate the hourly rate of pay for each of these types of time
  • Once an employee has filled in Resource Guru’s weekly timesheet template, it’s easy to send it to a manager for review

Download instructions: XLS/Excel weekly timesheet template

Resource Guru's purple and white weekly Excel timesheet template.

  • Click to download the weekly timesheet Excel template file
  • This file should then appear in your Downloads folder
  • Look for the file “Weekly timesheet template | Excel | Resource Guru
  • Follow the instructions written out on the first tab of the document
  • You’ll find two additional tabs: one with sample data, and one blank weekly timesheet template you can fill in with your own hours

Download instructions: Google Sheets weekly timesheet template

Resource Guru's purple and white weekly Google Sheets timesheet template.

  • Download the Google Sheets weekly timesheet template (the template will appear in a new tab)
  • Navigate to the top left-hand corner, select “File” and “Make a copy
  • Rename your file so you know it’s yours
  • Follow the in-document instructions on the first tab
  • You’ll  find two extra tabs: one with sample information, and one editable weekly timesheet template (this is where you’ll add your own data)

Download instructions: PDF printable weekly timesheet template 

Resource Guru's purple and white weekly PDF timesheet template.

Our PDF weekly timesheet template is a simplified version of our Excel and Google Sheets templates. It doesn’t have formulas that automatically add the hours together or work out compensation earned by specific hourly rates.

This makes it a great option for a printable weekly timesheet template, if your organization isn’t ready to commit to online timesheets. This might work best if you want to have a copy on your desk, or travel around for your job. 

  • Click to download the weekly timesheet template PDF file
  • The file should then appear in another tab in your browser
  • In the top right-hand corner of the PDF select the download arrow
  • A box should appear where you can rename the file and save in the right place on your device
  • Now you’re ready to follow the in-document instructions at the bottom of the document

If you’re looking for more features and the ability to analyze timesheets data with ease, templates may not be the right solution for you and your company. 

Try Resource Guru’s Timesheets to help you track time across projects and teams and stay within budget.

Weekly timesheets template FAQs

What is a weekly time tracker template?

This 7-day timesheet template  is a simple way of recording the total hours worked by an employee in an easy-to-read format. 

That’s why this kind of template is often an online spreadsheet, though there are also versions that are more simple free printable timesheet templates.

They are often designed with payroll in mind. This means they may have a way to break down the different kinds of hours an employee has worked that week, and the different hourly rate each hour is worth.

Types of hours and rates tracked in a weekly timesheet template usually include:

  • Standard hours
  • Vacation hours
  • Sick pay hours
  • Overtime hours

An online weekly timesheet template will often use formulas to automatically calculate total hours worked that week by the employee, and how much their total compensation should be.

If the template is printed you will, of course, have to do this manually.

What is a weekly work timesheet template used for?

A weekly timesheet template is used for tracking how employees, freelancers, and contractors spend their time at work. This is often for the purposes of payroll and will form the basis of understanding how much compensation they’re owed. 

Weekly timesheet templates are great for this basic but crucial sort of time tracking. If you’re looking for more complex time tracking solutions,  take a look at our:

Who uses weekly job timesheet templates?

The people who mainly use weekly timesheet templates are:

  • Individual employees who fill in the template with their time data
  • Line managers who review and approve the weekly timesheets (this person could also be a project manager, resource manager, or account manager)
  • Finance team members who use these templates in the payroll process

Once completed, timesheet templates may then be used for other purposes by people from:

Weekly timesheet templates are a great starting point

If your company is looking to improve the accuracy of your timesheets and save a some time on administration, timesheet templates can be a great temporary solution.

But if you’re looking for true digital transformation, accurate time tracking data, and the ability to use timesheet data to inform strategic business decisions you might need a more comprehensive solution. 

Resource Guru includes the tools to both forecast and track your team’s time so you get the full picture to stay on top of project health.

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