New feature – Tentative bookings 🚀

tentative bookings

We’re cooking with gas here 🔥 No sooner have you caught your breath from our recent release of Group by Project, than we present you with another brand spanking new feature, Tentative Bookings.

Tentative bookings can be used to indicate a degree of uncertainty in your bookings. They’re a great way to signal to the rest of your team that time may or may not be needed. For example, if you are waiting for a client to approve a budget before you confirm the workloads.

How do tentative bookings work?

tentative switch

Adding a tentative booking is simple. You just flick the toggle on the booking form.

tentative booking

They are easy to spot among other bookings on the Schedule with a simple coloured border.

tentative availability

Because tentative bookings don’t take up availability, you don’t get clashes when you override a tentative booking with a confirmed one. However, as soon as you change a booking from tentative to confirmed, you will go into the same clash management process as you would when adding normal bookings.

Any tentative bookings you make will appear on your Dashboard as well as in your daily schedule email to ensure that you’re aware of your unconfirmed bookings coming up.


tentative reports

Tentative time isn’t included in utilization reports, but you’ll be able to see the amount of tentative time that’s been booked so you can assess resource requirements in the event that the time becomes confirmed.

How are they different from the Waiting List?

Waiting List = time definitely needed as soon as there’s availability
Tentative = time may or may not be needed

We hope this new feature helps you to ride to the waves of change with ease ✨

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