See availability issues more clearly, a new custom fields API, and much more

Here at Resource Guru HQ, we’ve been busy rolling out notable improvements and changes to our app. A healthy mix of feature improvements and bug fixes are now available for our customers to sink their teeth into.

Let’s start by outlining some of the more important recent improvements:

  • We’ve made it easier to spot when events synced from an external calendar exceed a person’s availability. You’ll now see red highlighting whenever the timing of an external event clashes with a specific time booking in Resource Guru. You’ll also see it when the duration of a synced event takes a person beyond their available working hours. More context is provided in a tooltip triggered from the Availability Bar.

availability issue external meeting

Feature additions and improvements continually take Resource Guru forward as a product. With that said, fixes and housekeeping are a necessity. We’ve been hard at work ensuring that the engine room of our platform continues to operate optimally:

  • The Daily Schedule Email was arriving a couple of hours late for some customers. We’ve zapped that issue.
  • A Google Chrome browser update caused some rendering issues in the Schedule for some users. We tracked that down and worked around the browser update.
  • The same Chrome browser update caused some layout issues on our blog. We’ve fixed those.
  • We fixed an issue in the Reports download that was causing duplicate data for some customers.
  • Inline validation is now present if you try to delete an existing project title.
  • We noticed a few mistakes in our API documentation. That’s all fixed.
  • Chromebooks were incorrectly being detected as mobile devices causing some drop-downs and scrolling to break. We’ve fixed that oversight.
  • Editing a custom field via the app UI is now smoother and less troublesome.
  • Users of the overtime API endpoint will no longer see a 500 error when trying to set overtime.

We’ve also tidied up some issues relating to calendar integrations:

  • Some customers reported seeing duplicate external events in their Schedule after syncing their Google Calendar. This issue was resolved quickly.
  • We’ve fixed a timezone issue when syncing Time Off events via the iCal feed export.
  • Duration bookings that were incorrectly showing as time-specific events in Outlook through the 1-way iCal feed are now fixed.
  • We noticed that titles on external events brought in from Google Calendar were being truncated too soon on the Daily Schedule Email. We’ve put that right.
  • Time off events created in Resource Guru and synced to Google Calendar now show as BUSY by default.

We’d love to hear your feedback as we strive to make Resource Guru the obvious choice for mastering your team’s time. Let us hear it at