Ebook: Confessions of a Project Manager

Ebook - Confessions of a Project Manager

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Every project manager has a story. Well, let’s be real, probably many stories. Because things don’t always go as planned (no matter how well you think you might have planned them). But it’s the experiences we go through and the lessons we learn that make us all better and more equipped for the next project.

Hold up.

Why go through all this first-hand, when we can learn from some of the biggest names in the game?

That’s why we’ve put together this eBook, Confessions of a Project Manager, to share the stories that defined the careers of some of the best PMs out there. 

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What’s in the eBook?

  • Elizabeth Harrin, award-winning blogger and author, talks about why workload visibility is everything.
  • Brett Harned, one of the founding voices of the digital project management community talks about effort vs. scope.
  • Steph Dix, DDB Sydney’s Director of Ops, shares the story behind her mantra, “happy people make for great work.”

Download the eBook to discover more stories from people at Siemens, American Express, and Torchbox.

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