Big time zone improvements


As we all know, time zones can be mind-boggling. Apart from the mental conversion gymnastics, clocks regularly go forwards and backwards. Does that mean you’ve lost time or gained time? Do you have to wake up earlier or later? And what happens with colleagues in other time zones where there are no clock changes? Will they need to come to the meeting earlier or later than before? Yup, the mind boggles.


With the release of our new multi-resource booking functionality, we knew we had to up our time zone game. If you have a client meeting at 9am in Pacific Time with colleagues in Mountain Time, they need to know the meeting’s going to be at 10am for them.

Shining a light on daylight saving time (DST) changes


Let’s say you have a daily standup meeting with colleagues in London, Madrid and South Africa. At some point, DST in London and Madrid will end for summertime. But South Africa doesn’t have any DST changes. So, if the meeting happens in London time, eventually the time will change for colleagues in South Africa. This is all quite tricky but it’s now elegantly visualized in Resource Guru. All DST changes are clearly highlighted with a dotted line. Time zones will always be confusing but things are now a heck of a lot clearer than they used to be!

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