New Feature – Repeat Bookings

repeat bookings

We’ve just released one of our most hotly-requested features – Repeat Bookings! It’s now easier than ever to add those Monday morning catchups or monthly team meetings.

Everything you’d expect … and a little more

Repeat booking options

You’ve always been able to add daily repeats to Resource Guru. Now you can also repeat bookings weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly and if that’s not enough for you, there’s even a custom option.

Naturally, it works beautifully with our existing Clash Management Engine and Waiting List. Helping to prevent overallocation. Which we all know is a major cause of project failure, staff burnout and employee churn.

Multi-resource bookings

Use our powerful filters to focus on a group of people you want to add a repeat booking for, then simply copy the booking to each of the resources. For the time being you still need to SHIFT + DRAG your bookings to copy them. The good news is that multi-resource bookings are on the roadmap so, eventually, adding repeating meetings for multiple people will be much quicker.

Exceptions when plans change

Repeat booking exception

We’ve done our best to maintain consistency with traditional calendar functionality. So, when you make a change to one occurrence, it will still be linked to the other events in the sequence.

Using your personal calendar

Of course, repeat bookings also appear in the iCal feed if you’ve synced your account with your calendar.

For more details on using repeat bookings, please check out our Help Centre. As always, we’d love to hear what you think :)