New feature – Multi-resource bookings

multi resource bookings

Brilliant news!! Much sought after multi-resource bookings are here 🎉  You’ve always been able to add multi-resource time off events in Resource Guru and it’s frustrated many of you that bookings haven’t functioned in the same way. Well now they do. You can add as many people and other types of resource as you like.

Now, if you want to book a team and a meeting room in a single event, you can. Or maybe an engineer with some equipment, or a tennis coach with a court. And moving or editing these events is super simple too. Any changes are applied to all resources in one go – a huge time saver!

Let’s walk through some examples …

Booking a creative team to crack a brief

We have a lot of creative services agencies as customers and a common use case for them is to book a copywriter and art director to work on a creative brief together. This is now simple … just make a booking as you normally would, then click on the resource field and add the other person.


These people will now be joined together in the same booking and changes to one will be mirrored in the other.

Booking a daily standup meeting for your engineers

Let’s say you have a daily engineering standup at 9.30 every morning. You can either create a New Booking and manually add multiple engineers or, in this example, filter to the people you want to focus on. In this case “Engineers”.


Next, create a New Booking by clicking on anyone. Then, click the Add Resource icon.


Select Currently Filtered from the options menu.


This will add currently filtered resources to the booking, in this case your “Engineers”. All you need to do now is fill in the rest of the details, add a Repeat and add the booking.


Job done! You’ll notice a multi-resource icon on this type of booking so you can easily spot them in your schedule.


Adding a weekly status meeting

We’ve heard you loud and clear, a weekly meeting is a very common requirement for many of you. To add one, just follow the steps above for a booking on a given day of the week, then add a weekly Repeat. That’s it!


As always you can find further guidance in our Help Centre. Got questions? Get in touch at