New feature – get a better view of your projects

project view

Have you always wanted a better view of your projects in Resource Guru? One with greater clarity and less noise? Well, today is your lucky day! 🥳 We’ve just added a nifty little feature that gives you much better visibility of your projects in the Schedule.

Group by project, or client

Let’s jump straight into an example and show you how much easier it is to see bookings for the Razor Light project using this new feature.

Here’s the Razor Light project before grouping …


And here it is after grouping …


As you can see, it’s like night and day. Firstly, only the people working on the project are listed. Secondly, bookings for other projects are faded into the background. You now have a very clear view of the project timeline while also being aware of people’s other work commitments or time off.

As always, you can switch the Availability Bar on if you want to quickly see where people have free time.

So, how do you work this magic? Just open up the filters, click the button below, and voila! Your team and other resources will now be grouped by project.


Focus only on your projects

my-projects Of course, you probably won’t want to see all the projects in your account at once. So, just use Filter By Projects to narrow things down.

Then, save that filter as “My Projects” or something suitable for quick access next time around. Exactly the same functionality works with clients too.

You can also quickly collapse any projects you’re not currently focusing on by clicking on the project bar.

We hope this feature brings a source of light and calm to your busy schedule! ✨

If you’d like further guidance on using this feature, visit our Help Center. Got any questions? Get in touch at