Multi-resource timezone improvements, permission enhancements, and much more

Wow, it feels like it has been an unusually long time since we posted a changelog update. So, with that in mind, here it is. The first update of 2021 and the first of many to come over the coming months. Let’s get straight into it …

  • The Resources, Projects, and Clients sections now show which resources are booked against projects and clients and which projects/clients are assigned to resources. This is part one of a larger feature release
  • Timezone-specific multi-resource bookings are now shown correctly when synced to an external calendar, such as Google or Apple Calendar
  • Billable and non-billable utilization breakdown has been added to the downloaded reports
  • Improved the performance of the Projects and Clients pages. This is especially noticeable when an account has a large number of saved projects/clients
  • Made a multitude of performance improvements. Using our app through the front-end and via our API should feel faster
  • Improved the UI and UX when deleting or archiving a project, resource, or client
  • Tighter security – you’ll now be asked to confirm your password before transferring ownership of an account
  • Downtime Type is now exposed as an available property when working with Actions and Triggers in our Zapier app
  • Selecting times using the keyboard to add a specific time booking should now work as expected
  • An issue whereby the client information was coming back as null in a delivered webhook has been fixed
  • SSO users can now change their expiring certificates without issue
  • We fixed a niggle that sometimes prevented a resource from being added to an existing multi-resource repeating booking
  • Some expected data wasn’t being returned in the API (e.g. getting all users when some had been deleted). These issues have been resolved
  • Made some performance improvements to how our emails are queued and sent
  • Fixed some styling issues in certain parts of the app
  • Eradicated some small grammatical errors that were appearing in certain dialogues
  • Microsoft Teams users were being informed that the internal browser wasn’t supported by Resource Guru. That issue has now been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue in some billing-related emails that weren’t showing images
  • The downloaded reports now include our new branding and contain a number of fixes for pivot table-related issues
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in account owners not having any default availability when signing up for a brand new account
  • Tidied up some spacing issues in the Daily Schedule Email
  • We have had made some UX improvements to our new website in order to make it nicer to use
  • We went to war with auto-fill in order to unify the experience across various browsers. Auto-fill – 0, Resource Guru – 1. For now …
  • We noticed an issue that made it impossible to delete all of a resource’s Normal Availability. There is now a fix for that in place
  • We’ve made it easier to delete and edit a single booked time for a single resource that is part of a larger multi-resource booking
  • A slew of general fixes, improvements, and under-the-hood tinkering

Throughout 2021, we’d love to hear more from you guys. We’re constantly improving and polishing our app in order to meet even the highest of expectations and we couldn’t do that without the invaluable feedback that we receive from our customers. Please keep it coming.