Agency revenue: Discover the tactics behind revenue-driven resource planning [Ebook]

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Is agency revenue top of mind? Is leadership putting the pressure on you? While the endgame is always revenue, there are a lot of building blocks that need to fall into place to improve an agency’s bottom line.

To help navigate today’s challenging climate, we’ve put together an eBook that’s jam-packed with practical advice from leaders at top tier agencies—guaranteed to help you drive agency revenue.

Increase agency revenue with better resource planning

Top voices in the industry share their approach to resource planning. Find out what they focus on to make sure revenue comes first and projects are never burning hot.

⏱️ Why the 10-hour rule was implemented at Code and Theory with Tara Bennett
🎨 How to turn allocation chaos into creativity with Kennen Sisco
✅ The top 3 criteria for project profitability with Shantal Gonzalez
🤝 How to build trust with your team with Jordan Oji Schroeder
⚙ How Ogilvy practices agile resource allocation with Aleks Zhavoronkova
❤️ The role of transparency in driving agency revenue with Nytisha Vinson, CSM

Download your free copy below and start planning like the pros.


Agency experts share practical tips to help drive revenue

Tara Bennett, Director of Resource Management at Code and Theory, keeps on top resource planning and revenue at Ad Age’s Business Transformation Agency of the Year.

Shantal Gonzalez, Project Director at One Story Branding, is a fearless PM in high-stakes projects, developing and overseeing project strategies to increase agency revenue and meet demands for clients like Smirnoff, Verizon, and ASOS.

Jordan Schroeder, Executive Director of Resourcing and Creative Services at TBWA\Chiat\Day (LA), knows the effect project teams and creative partners have on driving revenue. Here, she shares her approach to pairing people and resources.

Kennen Sisco, Global Director of Corporate Marketing at Illumina, has worked for household names like YETI and Whole Foods, and knows netter than most how to turn allocation issues into increased revenue.

Nytisha Vinson, Senior Producer at Code and Theory, promotes transparency between teams and clients alike, knowing that honesty is the best policy and the bottom line benefits from clear communication.

Aleks Zhavoronkova, Integrated Delivery Lead at Ogilvy, has spent the past 20 years delivering projects for the biggest agencies in the game. With hundreds of projects under the belt, she keeps revenue top of mind when it comes to project delivery.

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