Streamlining modifications in the new Schedule Beta

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Streamlining modifications in the new Schedule Beta

Planning your projects and managing your resources is a proven NP-hard problem. Just ask any mathematician! To make things easier, we’ve adopted some changes that will make this process a little easier for you. We’ve identified some common operations where it was not quite clear how moving a booking or editing the date and time ranges would affect the overall booked time, so we decided to implement a dynamic projection system that would update those values on the fly.

The first change allows you to drag a booking and see how that would affect the waiting list in case there is not enough bookable time on working days:

An animation showing how dragging a booking now previews waiting list days

The waiting list is now shown while dragging

This change allows you to see how availability would affect your booking while dragging, saving you the mental arithmetic required to anticipate waiting lists.

We also updated the booking editing dialog that now previews the booked time as you edit the booking’s time parameters:

Updating the time, date or length of a booking now previews the booked time

This should take out the guesswork involved in trying to determine how and when bookings would not fit the availability in your schedule.

In addition, we’ve shipped a number of other improvements and fixes in the application. Here are a couple of notable highlights:

  • 🛫 We’ve redesigned the rendering pipeline and achieved an average improvement of 30% in rendering performance, saving you battery and making Schedule Beta a little more smooth to the touch.
  • 👓 Popups that require resolving conflicts are now modal dialogs to avoid accidentally dismissing them by clicking outside of them.
  • 🐛 When date navigation was open in mobile view, touches were not registering the touched element correctly and misbehaving. Bug squashed!
  • 🧾 Filtering projects and clients by name in the Schedule Beta dropdown now works the same as the old dropdown, listing all projects for a client which matches the entered value.

As always, let us know what you think of these improvements! We’re keen to hear how this will improve how you manage your schedules. 😄

Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash