Random Act of Cake No. 5

Random Act of Cake No. 5

Resource Guru’s “Random Acts of Cake” are based on a phrase coined by American writer Anne Herbert—“Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.”

Every so often, only a superhero will do when you’re facing a challenge—a selfless superstar who does something splendid. Our hero of late is Paul Irish.

While working to boost the performance of our Calendar feature, we ran into some intriguing challenges with the code—and Paul offered to help us out. It was an amazing experience working with him; you may not know this, but Paul has tremendously impacted the way the internet is built.

Paul is a respected front-end developer and thought leader in the web industry, as well as a developer advocate at Google. He’s created, contributed to, or led the development of many of the most popular tools, resources, and programming libraries that go into nearly every website you visit.

We’ll say it again: he’s incredible and a real class act. Paul dove in and cleared up a few nuances in the code we were tweaking, and now the extra performance boost speaks for itself. We can’t thank him enough!

But what we could do was cake.

Group photo of bakers and staff at Sugar Butter Flour in Sunnyvale, California

Sugar Butter Flour team in Sunnyvale, California

Since Paul is based in sunny Palo Alto, California, we went on the hunt for a delectable local bakery with that extra twist of special—Sugar Butter Flour in Sunnyvale had all the right ingredients.

Narrowing down a cake choice was tough, but the Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake was a standout, featuring alternating layers of chocolate cake and dark chocolate ganache, shredded chocolate coating the sides, and chocolate powder-dusted truffles. Once we saw that, we knew it was the only way to go. (Input from Paul: incredible and amazing.)

Be on the lookout for upcoming cake-ings. Anyone could be next … and that includes you!