Project managers get some love in Manchester

At long last, that oft taken for granted superstar, the PM, is getting due love and attention in the form of a UK based Digital PM conference DPM:UK

It gave us great pleasure to sponsor the first DPM:UK event held in Manchester and organised by Manchester Digital. Following in the footsteps of its American sister act held in Philadelphia last October, it was by all accounts a resounding success! Well done to all involved and roll on the next one.

Brett Harned

What was tweeted

Grey Shopper
Katy Surr

“Resource Guru simplifies the way we work and gives us a holistic view of what’s happening.”

Katy Surr
Resource Manager

And here’s what others had to say about the day …

“I was far too engaged! I just wanted to watch, listen and absorb what he had to say. It was clever, funny and had so many of those moments that just made me want to shout “Amen!” – but obviously I refrained, I didn’t want to be that weirdo.”

Rebecca Troth on Paul Boag’s Time to untie your hands

“Brett Harned from Happy Cog was an absolute inspiration the whole audience felt at ease whilst he talked about project managers being cheerleaders for their team whilst stressing the point that sometimes you just have to be a jerk in the PM role.”

Carbon Creative on Brett Harned’s Be a better pm

“Common perception in digital is that clients are stupid. Then I managed the redesign of our own company website and I became a client. I found out being a client is really hard …”

Simon R Jones on Sam Barnes’ Vice versa client management