Out with ye olde, in with the shiny new!

product updates

Out with ye olde, in with the shiny new!

Sometimes it’s just easier to consign that old jalopy to the scrapyard and start anew. That’s exactly what we decided when we took a stab at fixing a long-standing feature (heh!) – our client/project selector in the Schedule. It had frustrated many a user in the past.

When we first implemented the New Booking popover, it made sense to use a well-tested third-party control that would provide the functionality we needed at the time. It worked well back then, but having to accommodate more and more features meant that we were bumping up against the fundamental limitations of the control’s capabilities. Realising that there would be no easy fix to the situation, we decided to start from scratch and write our own, which turned out to be much better than we had expected!

An animation showing the project/client selector in action.

The project/client selector now replicates all the existing functionality, but adds the following improvements:

  • intuitive keyboard up/down navigation over the list (including Esc/Enter functionality),
  • fuzzy matching the names of clients and projects (enables matching any part of the word, not just the beginning!) and
  • grouping matched projects under their assigned clients so you can always see which projects are assigned to which project.

Come have a go at it and try it yourself!

In other news, we’ve deployed a number of noteworthy improvements:

  • 🐛 We noticed a glitch in the Project Code column in the Reports section where long codes would overrun cells in the table. Squashed!
  • 🐛 We’ve fixed a problem with the report summary in the detail view that was incorrectly including archived bookings in calculations.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ Our security review uncovered some potentially vulnerable spots in the app, so we applied some defensive security patches to the part of the code that could’ve provided an XSS attack vector. We’ve also tightened up data validation across the app to make it much harder to exploit other parts of the app.
  • 📚 Some of the XLSX pivot tables weren’t alphabetically sorting the names by default; we’ve updated the template and fixed this in all pivot tables. Remember, you can still fully configure and change all pivot tables to suit your needs.
  • 🎨 We’ve touched up minor details on the marketing page and inside the app.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash