Oh, jeez, is it Friday already?

product updates

Oh, jeez, is it Friday already?

This week will be a bit sparse on shipped updates to the released product, but we’ve made some good progress on the Schedule.

Last week we showcased the revamped UI for filtering resources in the new Schedule, so this week we thought it might be good to shed some light on the new streamlined date navigation we implemented.

Since a mobile device has a very limited display area compared to a desktop or laptop computer, we can’t fill the screen with controls without cutting into the space available for the actual grid. So we instead focused on displaying the context as simply and clearly as possible, and tapping on the context then brings up controls to manipulate it.

The way this plays out in the new Schedule is best illustrated with the month display at the top of the screen, next to the Today button, which always takes you to the present day.

Lost in time? The present is always just a tap away.

Usually, navigating the schedule is a simple matter of dragging left or right in the timeline, but sometimes you may want to skip to a particular month in a different year. To make this easy, tapping on the month display at the top provides a dropdown menu you can swipe through to find the correct month to go to.

Tap, swipe, tap, tap.

In this case, navigating to a month of the preceding year from the current date requires just 4 interactions, with an intuitive and responsive interface that provides immediate feedback after each of the individual interactions. The good news about travelling through time like this is that the length of the jump doesn’t affect the loading time between jumps, and upcoming improvements to the performance of our REST API will further shorten the time between navigation and the bookings being displayed.

As always, keep an eye on this section for more upcoming features to look forward to!