Network monitoring, security updates and more

product updates

Another week bites the dust! This week is all about staying cool and hip. At least, that’s what the engineers tell themselves to feel better about another summer spent inside.

  • 🏎 We’ve upgraded all our libraries to their latest version and made our servers that much more resilient.
  • 👁 We’ve now got Sauron’s eye gazing over our libraries sure to alert of the slightest weakness (let’s hope Frodo doesn’t show up).
  • 📡 We hate it when the internet is down, and judging by our logs, so do you! So now a message will pop up when we detect there’s a problem with your connection.
  • 😓 Sometimes the app didn’t load all the scripts in the correct order – not to worry, we went through the code with a fine comb and it all looks fabulous, darling!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash