Making search a little more intuitive

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Making search a little more intuitive

This week has been mostly spent fighting off snow blizzards, with some of our UK developers escaping to Iceland to avoid the freeze.

For the rest of us, we were busy spot-checking the new read-only version of the Schedule code and finalising designs before we start a final QA run, which will be followed by a release in the next couple of weeks. We’re really close, and getting giddy at the thought!

In the meantime, we’ll continue our sneak peek tour with another little feature we’ve been experimenting in the new UI: the search controls.

Our current search filter lists all properties and custom fields in a form, where you can configure search parameters to pare down the list of resources based on their type. While this does work fairly well for a majority of our users, some still had trouble expressing their specific queries with this kind of interface. It’s also fairly unweildy in a mobile context, as it would mean screenfuls of form elements to edit.

So we decided to try our hand at a universal search mechanism.

Just type and we’ll search ALL THE FIELDS!

This alternative enables you to match any value in any defined field for all types of resources at the same time. In this example, finding everyone with Artwork in their Department custom field or having the Art Director job title requires just typing “art” and clicking Select all. The list is completely editable, so you can still search and add individual resources in the filtered list if you need to.

The same interface works out quite well on mobile, too.

*Tap tap tap* done.

So far, this system allows for a pretty intuitive way to filter the list of resources, but currently doesn’t support saving filters, a feature we intend to add to this search mechanism as we work out exactly how we’d like the filters to work.

Join us next week for another glimpse at the future!

Photo by Tanja Cotoaga on Unsplash