Improved API response times and network quality detection

product updates

We’ve been hard at work addressing some lingering issues regarding the performance of our API endpoints which mostly affected larger accounts when opening the Schedule. We’ve also noticed that our client-side network monitoring was picking up stray errors on the network that brought up false positives for some people. All in all, here’s this week’s bounty:

  • 🛫 We’ve identified and fixed slow database queries which had an impact loading the Schedule. We’ve now broken up the queries to run concurrently for better performance, which improved the slowest of our endpoints by about 500%.
  • 🛰 Network errors that originated from outside of our app were causing the network connection popup to show when there wasn’t an issue for some people. Sorry about that! We implemented filtering to ignore requests that do not impact the application.
  • 🙇 We noticed that when someone is added to an account, that person couldn’t edit their own resource, regardless of their permissions. This has now been rectified. Debugged. Done and dusted.
  • 📧 Some of you may have noticed that the daily emails now occasionally contain a convenient link to our referrals page. Sharing is caring!

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash