Feedback, polish and a whole load of GDPR

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Feedback, polish and a whole load of GDPR

As you may have heard, GDPR deadline was last week. It kept us busy tying up loose ends, but we still managed to collate and turn some of your feedback into work items that have already made their way into production.

Here’s a quick summary of changes to the Beta in the last two weeks:

  • ✨ Cosmetic improvements to the popups – we’ve removed popover arrows, replaced icons, fixed up availability rendering and improved the header animation when scrolling resource details on mobile.
  • 🛠 Clicking outside of the search popup now works everywhere.
  • 🖱 Hovering with a mouse over different UI elements now shows improved tooltips.
  • 👓 Text inside the grid was blurry when the browser window was zoomed in – we’ve now determined the root cause and added pixel snapping to ensure everything is as crisp as the rest of the page.

We are still collecting and analysing performance data, which has proved invaluable in identifying bottlenecks in different accounts and under a wide range of network conditions and hardware. Our continued focus on performance & reliability has resulted in only 2 incidents of JavaScript errors reported to our bug tracker, so we’re very happy to see the shift in our development methodologies paying off.

A mini announcement

The next big chunk of work is implementing filters, which has been by far the most requested feature to be added to the Beta. The current filtering solution in Schedule made it possible to set up simple filters, but the structure was quite restrictive in the types of queries it supported, and is hard to use effectively on a mobile device.

This has lead us to develop a mechanism that will enable filtering, grouping and sorting all of the entities across the entire application while also maintaining backwards compatibility with existing filters so that they will be preserved when switching to the new version.

We still have work to do in terms of presenting this functionality as a graphical user interface, but we’re getting there. This feature is also a prerequisite for a feature that’s been on our wishlist for quite a while – grouping bookings into rows of projects or clients instead of resources.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us; stay tuned for more Friday updates in the coming weeks!

Photo by Edward Bowden on Unsplash