Custom field data in reports, styling improvements, and more

product updates

Custom field data in reports, styling improvements, and more


Another couple of weeks have passed, and yes, that’s right, that means that it’s time for another product update to let you all know what has been going on at Guru HQ.

Custom Fields in Reports

Our product updates are intended to let all of our customers know what we have been working on and to keep you all informed. Our recent engineering efforts have been heavily focused on an exciting new feature that is currently in the testing phase but we’ve still managed to iterate, improve, fix, and deploy over the last two weeks. Let’s take a look:

  • ? We’ve made some requested changes to our reports. All of your custom field data is now included in the report downloads allowing you to manipulate it and use it however you see fit.
  • ?? A styling and alignment issue has been fixed on the account cancellation confirmation page. We hope that you never have to see that change in action by reaching that page.
  • ? A number of grammatical inconsistencies have been tweaked in some of the app’s user-facing alerts.
  • ⚡️ A niggling white bar has been zapped that appeared when adding a project/client to a new booking for users with certain permissions.
  • ? The booking tooltip is now working better than ever, regardless of how long your project or client names are.
  • ? When adding or amending Custom Availability, the ‘add time block’ button is now aligned with other components in that modal.
  • ? We have removed some invalid options from the booking menu after a date change.
  • ❌ A recent change to our webhooks has been rolled back. Webhook payloads will once again return the type “booking” rather than “bookings”. Thanks to everyone who pointed this out and our apologies for any inconvenience the initial change caused.
  • ? We’ve added some additional checks and logging around some of our dependencies and connected services. This isn’t something that is user-facing but will help us keep everything ship shape and stay reactive to potential problems.

That’s all from us for now. Have an amazing weekend and please, as always, continue to send us your feedback and thoughts. Many companies say this but we genuinely read all feedback, discuss it as a team, and use it where applicable to guide our decisions in the hope of improving the experience for everyone who uses Resource Guru.

Photo by Patrick Boucher on Unsplash