Clash management improvements, weekend working, and scheduling enhancements

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Clash management improvements, weekend working, and scheduling enhancements

You may have read that we’ve made it easier than ever to add work on weekends but we’ve also been busy zapping bugs, adding features, and enhancing performance.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at what’s new, what’s improved, and what’s been going on over the last four weeks:

  • 💜 You can now start or end bookings on non-working days and add work to weekends for those times when it’s unavoidable.
  •  If you make use of our iCal feed for syncing bookings with your calendar, then you will now notice that we now populate each event with the details in the booking where no project or client is present.
  • 🛠 Clash management is hard. Thankfully, our engine is powerful, robust, and works better than ever now after squashing a few bugs related to bookings and intersecting time off events.
  • 𝟎 You can no longer create 0-duration bookings through the Resource Guru API.
  • ⚡️ We’ve invested some engineering time in performance over the last few weeks to reduce bottlenecks and improve overall performance.
  • 📝 Usability is extremely important to us. We’ve made the filter experience on mobile the same as on desktop when you select a previously saved filter.
  • 🔮 Some accounts were hitting issues with archiving or deleting resources in their accounts. Those issues are now resolved.
  • 📐 A number of small UI niggles have been spotted and fixed on the New Booking form.
  • 🥊 We fixed an issue with SHIFT+Dragging to copy a repeat booking.
  • ❌ For those customers that work with our API, allow_waiting and allow_overtime are now mutually exclusive. Only one can be passed.
  • 🕐 The Reports section now remembers the last time period and date range that was selected.
  • 🙇🏽‍♂️ Some customers reported an issue to us with editing and saving Normal Availability for a chosen resource. We tracked down the bug and fixed it. Apologies for that.

As we head into the weekend, we’re delighted to have been named as one of the UK’s top 30 SaaS companies to watch in 2020. Accolades are certainly nice to receive but we continue to push forward to give all of you – our customers – the best possible experience.

Photo by Thana Gu on Unsplash