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group calendar benefits

4 benefits of an integrated group calendar

Research shows the many benefits of visual decluttering – better focus, higher productivity, and greater mental well-being. The same benefits of organizing your home apply to organizing your work calendar. They are a visual representation of…

solve resource overallocationsolve resource overallocation

5 ways to solve resource overallocation

The World Health Organization added “burnout” to the International Classification of Diseases in 2019. Categorized as an “occupational phenomena,” burnout significantly impacts employee wellbeing and the financial health of businesses, costing organizations between $120 to $190…

we stand with ukrainewe stand with ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

Leaving everything behind, people are fleeing conflict in Ukraine. They need shelter, food and water. Resource Guru has donated to the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) and we ask you to please consider a donation yourself. Most…


Big time zone improvements

As we all know, time zones can be mind-boggling. Apart from the mental conversion gymnastics of colleagues in different time zones, clocks regularly go forwards and backwards.