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Availability spotting

We’re obsessed about time here at Resource Guru. Whether it’s time for work or time for a holiday, we want to know how time is being used. As we’ve been working on the new version of our schedule we’ve revised the availability bars that indicate how much time of a resource’s day is utilised.

One thing we frequently hear is that it’s important to be able to quickly find someone’s availability at a glance. With that in mind we’ve redesigned the availability bar to be more compact and more consistent, so that variations are easy to spot.

Availability bars will always show as a single line at the top of the cell. A full green bar indicates a full 8 hours available. The bar’s width decreases as time is booked on the resource.

This is one of many improvements coming in the update to Schedule, landing soon!

Happy scheduling!

Photo by Pavel Nekoranec on Unsplash